Small 业务 – W在这里 do I Start?

1. Market Research is Essential

  • Who are your potential customers? Ask questions like: 他们多大了?? 他们在哪里购物? What do they like/dislike? 他们多大了?? I’ll link a great tool for determining demographics 在这里.
  • Learn from somebody who is successful. Mentors are an underutilized resource when starting a business. You can connect with an advisor 在这里. Someone who’s already been down your path could help you avoid mistakes.
  • 得到反馈. Conduct an informal survey of friends and family, as well as potential customers and people who might be familiar with your product or service. Is it something they would spend their money on?
  • Who will you compete against? It is vital to determine who your competition is. Figure out a way to stand out and differentiate your business from theirs.

2. 写计划

  • 商业计划: Create a strategy and determine what will be necessary to get the business off the ground. What makes your business unique? How will your product or service be manufactured, distributed and marketed? 点击 在这里 for a tool to help you build your plan.

  • 财务计划: Most small businesses don’t turn a profit the first few years they operate. Forecast how much capital is needed to launch the business and keep it going for the first six, 12或24个月. What are your costs? How much money will you need on hand? What are your labor expenses?

3. Insure your 业务 Properly

业务es need to be properly insured just as your cars and home would. How you insure your business depends entirely on the type of business you have. Do you deliver things in a vehicle? Do you have a brick and mortar store front? Is your business operating digitally? A great place to start is with business owner’s insurance, which bundles property damage and liability coverage into a single policy. 也, if you use your vehicles for business purposes, you’ll need a commercial auto insurance policy, as a personal auto policy doesn’t cover vehicles for business use.

Thousand Oaks Insurance offers a wide range of resources to protect your business.

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